April 24, 2010

"From Timbuktu with love" - the inspiration

Timbuktu, city of ancient Mali Empire was the city "where the camel met the canoe" and a city of many scholars. Mansa Musa's uncle, Abu Bakar II sailed in the Atlantic Ocean and there's strong historical evidence that he discovered the Americas first - there is a presence of the Madinka language, traditions and customs in Brazil.
With such a strong history and a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, I decided to create a collection of dresses, gowns, boleros, shorts, et al that modern day brides of Mansa Musa would wear. This time not in their palace at Timbuktu nor on their journey to Mecca whilst aiding their husband in giving away gold bars on that journey, but to that lunch date with their girlfriends, a wedding, a night out with their "Mansa Musa", a  lazy day at the mall, to work.... whatever the occasion or event a bride of Mansa Musa will stand out in a piece from this collection.

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