May 24, 2010

Afropolitan Style In Motion

She fights for her cause not by brandishing a machete or partaking in a verbal warfare; but by the way she carries herself – a Nubian queen inside and out.

To meet her clients on a Monday morning, she wears a belted black dress to showcase her confidence. Perhaps, it’s her signature look. After five, she throws on big round colourful glass beads to highlight the kaleidoscope of colour Mother Earth has blessed us with.

You would like to guess her favourite label? Sorry, you can’t.  Why?  She doesn’t ascribe her happiness to any label. She might not even have a favourite shop. She buys and collects from anywhere and everywhere. Details are what she focuses on.

To help with that charity event in the heart of town, she puts on that brown high - waisted peg trousers with the ruffled neck curry blouse and plays it all down with a good old pair of flat gold sandals which has outlived its time. The vintage ‘70s brown rimmed Carrera sunglasses which was once owned by her father is a must have to filter the strong rays of the beautiful scorching sun.

Who needs a little black dress on a Friday night when purple is the new black? She wears that purple shirt dress with a slim red belt and red pumps to tell the whole world that she is not afraid of colour – she embraces them all.

Her hair may be au naturel, permed or curled. Whatever it is, it helps set the tone for her sense of style.

On the Saturday mornings she can’t be bothered to put on makeup for a trip to the mall, she makes her statement effortlessly with a big tote and that pair of black sunglasses she knows when to take off.

She doesn’t dance on tables, doesn’t cut into conversations, doesn’t speak loudly, yet she is noticed. She stands out simply because she is not caught up in the trend- chasing act of the society she is in.  After all, she has Style; she is Style.

Silently, she has influenced the style of self-proclaimed fashionistas around her, slowly she is creating a movement; the Afro renaissance Movement………. She is the Movement.

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