June 14, 2010

Aimless because.......

I paid my aunt a visit over the weekend and she and her her older brother concluded that I am aimless because:
1. I have decided to ditch an MBA programme this year to pursue my designing.
2. I left a 'regular' job without consulting them.
3. I refused an offer from them to get a customer service job in a big telecommunication company.
4. I sat on a bike for an out of city ride - how could I have done that?

Clearly, my Dad must be a very irresponsible parent because he supported every reason listed up there (ok, save for the forth which he said he was not too happy about).

It's safe to say that my aunt and uncle are very conservative and are not risk takers. OMG, i shudder to think what they will say when they see me with my permed hair all cut off and with a tattoo!! They do not understand that my path and happiness will not and can not be determined by material possessions....

To all you out there, all I say is if there's anything that interests you go ahead and go get it! Life is too short to be determined by the labels of family and friends. Be yourself!!!



  1. You go girl, this sure caught my attention and no doubt it s all about you cuz in the end no one cares. They'll only care when you ve made it but not when you re trying to and going through the angst. Thats why I luuuuuuuuv Pink . Cheers!!!

  2. It always pays to think outside the box, take risks and do what makes you happy!

  3. hi Alima, I'd love to know what it was that triggered all this. Are you willing to share that, publicly or in private? I think it's wonderful! Peter

  4. OMG! So proud of you. I've seen your designs. I think they rock. Ping me when you launch. Will come and get myself a Bello. Love ya. And do you!

    Someday when my affordable clothing store AfroChic gets big, and ur designer clothing label gets big...you shd consider designing one or two things which AfroChic will then produce for the masses, much like western designers do now for affordable shops like H&M and Target. Can't wait for our futures!

    Will Visit you and yours when i get back to Gh.

  5. @Inka, thanks darling
    @Hillary, no worries I am doing me 'cos that's what I know best.
    @Peter, what triggered the outburst from my mom's siblings or me going a different path from what u know me for?
    @Ms. Cleland, I will always be down for whatever business venture your smart self brings my way and we miss u. Hurry back!