September 15, 2010

My Big Yellow Book

A lot has happened since I last updated my blog (mind you I started this piece on 27/08/2010)..... I am terribly sorry for neglecting you.
I insist on writing in a book before putting any post up here (I have been described as an old soul at heart) and unfortunately I run out of books to write in which meant I couldn't update. :(
I was on a quest to find a fancy book for myself when my new dear friend (wont mention any names) promised me one covered in moleskin, I think. Now I can't remember. She never did and that prolonged my quest. Alas, I have found the one. She's a yellow fabric covered woodless paper book (I get to be fancy and still help to conserve some tress too).......

Wonderful things are happening, good people.... afreetude (our digital magazine) is shaping up. BTW, if you haven't heard of it please go to afreetude magazine on FB and do follow afreetude on twitter.  Will share some more info on this great feeling in later posts. In the meantime, I do have some behind the scenes photos for you.

Yours truly, Bello, will be designing evening gowns for Miss. Ghana 2010 finale. whoop whoop!!! Keep visiting the blog to have some sneak peaks.

oh, I finally cut the perm of my hair somewhere in July and I'm loving it!!!!! Now the million dollar question is, "to twist or not to twist?" lol.

My darling, Miss Cleland, I saw you in a wicked flirty dress one fine Friday night and I want one too!!

I will end here for now and let the few pics I have do the talking.

There's so much to share with you all.

much love,

Wanluv's shoot for afreetude

Bello's shoot for afreetude's fashion section
Nerissa's shoot and interview for afreetude


  1. I LUV IT! Keep up the great work!- Tauri ;-)

  2. dats the way, uh huh uh huh i like it!!!!!!!!!! keep on!

  3. love you Tauri.

    Martin Peeves, you know I will and we have a wall, in fact walls waiting for you. Keep on keeping too. xxx

    Debbie; that's no way to support you future business partner. wink wink. You're proper dddddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeefffffffffffftttttt!!!

  4. Aww Alima. I still have the book. I'm just almost never in your hood these days. I will try to swing by with it tomorrow. I hope you still have use for it.

  5. Alima
    You are looking gorgeous, in this blog picture photos.